Wednesday, August 25, 2010

One Word Wednesday: confine

Hello my lovely blog readers! Sorry I am making this post so late in the day.. my sister had her high school orientation today and I was at the school for a little while.

This weeks word is confine

I began this page by just playing around and seeing where it would take me. I started by covering the background with old book pages and then put some acrylic paint down - finger painting is the best!

I just smeared it any which way and chose random colors. I really enjoy the yellow and purple that I ended up using. I then found a sticker of a butterfly that I feel like is a symbol of freedom - butterflies are free to fly wherever they chose.

I based my page around the idea of not being confined to any place and being able to grow and go your own way. I had some vintage images that I used on the page.. one of a man and woman. This made me think of not having to be confined to one certain relationship, if that makes sense. I glued a tea bag wrapper to the page and placed the image inside. The flowers could also be a symbol of growth.

Just like the previous word, I found that "confine" relates to my life as well. I am hoping to move to a different state in the near future and start down a new path.. to me, this page is a reminder that I am not confined to where I live now and that things can always change and be different.

Leave a comment with a suggestion for next week's word! xo

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Googlover/keishua said...

I like the word. Sometimes, we mentally confine ourselves...I know I do. My favorite word as of late is stillness. I am musing over what that means and what that looks like in life and art.