Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Art journaling today

My weakness - gotta have it. ;)

What should I do on this canvas? I would love to hear your ideas. I've neglected it for awhile.. it needs some love!

Tomorrow I'm going to start taking pictures for my moleskine for the sketchbook project.. so excited. I think I'm going to go downtown, to a park, and anywhere else I think might be interesting to take photos in the city. I got an email saying they shipped my sketchbook today! Weeeee. Look for another post soon. Create create create!


Ingrid said...

oo, i love the art journal spread! as for the canvas.. i'm still trying to decide what to do with the ones i have - i'm so used to working on paper! good luck!

Marisa said...

Thanks! Hopefully we will both think of some good ideas.. I'm still getting used to working on them too :)

apinkdreamer said...

hi marisa! i'm eleni from greece!!! i love art journaling and your pages are fantastic!!!

Marisa said...

Hi Eleni! Nice to meet you! Thank you for your nice comments. :)