Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm back, again!

Hello all! Yes, it has been awhile. A very long while. But I'm back and ready to be more consistent with this blog, or at least try! I decided that I'm going to try to post a lot of pictures on here of daily creative endeavors. Wow, that sounds so professional.. haha but I want to try to do art daily. I do it often, but not every single day. So whatever creative thing I work on..whether it be a painting, sketch, journal page, whatever.. I will post a few pictures of it. And a few other life pictures here and there too. Pretty simple concept. How about I call it "Picture Pizazz" to make it more exciting! So without further adieu.. here's the pizazz of what my muse helped me with today --

I decided to be FEARLESS and paint BIG thanks to Connie from http://www.dirtyfootprints-studio.com/ .. she rocks big time. The face is a little big for my liking, haha. Sorry if it scared you there a bit. It was VERY fun to make though!!!

Painted some pretty backgrounds for fun. These could be used for collage, journal pages, and probably many other things. Weeehoooo! I enjoyed doing this because it is relaxing and you don't feel pressure to make it look a certain way. This is a good creative activity to do if you don't want to think too much and just let loose. Well, every creative activity should allow those things.. but you know what I mean. Loose leaf paper = no pressure!

Jessie watched carefully as a I hung up my new beautiful poster... isn't it nice? It's Santa Barbara in California. When I saw it online I thought it was a photograph but it's actually a painting! It's that good. It brightens up the boring slanted wall I had over my desk!

Today was a really fun day, painting BIG was liberating..try it!

I also just made a new art journal video about found poetry-

I made a delicious summer treat too but it won't technically be ready until tomorrow, it's getting yummified in the freezer. Look for it here tomorrow!!

Please leave a comment if you are reading, I'd like to know who's stopping by! Thanks so much!

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