Wednesday, August 11, 2010

one word wednesday: overtime

In my last post I was in kind of a journal slump but I'm feeling much better now. I started working in a new journal and I'm not thinking so much about it.. more creating and less thinking!

Thanks to Julie (TopazPearleGirl) for suggesting this week's word: overtime.

It was beautiful out yesterday and I decided to sit outside with my journal and tackle this word challenge. It was so great. Just sitting quietly with my journal and music is probably my favorite way to spend my time. A basket of art supplies, my ipod, and a lemonade... bliss! :)

Here is the finished page:

This word challenge was stumping me a bit just like last week's... but it all came together in the end. Don't you love that? I love not knowing where a journal page will take me.. it's like it takes on a life of it's own. I thought I had an idea how to express the word in my journal, when I realized I wanted to go in a different direction.

The page ended up being about how my mind and heart, my emotions, have been working overtime the past few days.. and today I was able to experience a weight lifted from my shoulders and there was peace. The word ended up being perfect for this week. I think it's so neat how you can paste a phrase, quote, or image on a page just because you like it, and then it turns into a story about your life. It's like you are creating something meaningful without even knowing it- I like letting the journal page tell a story.

More from the day:

How do you interpret "overtime"? Up for the challenge? E-mail me your journal page (creativetempo AT gmail DOT com) and I will post the pages I receive in next Wednesday's post.

Leave a comment with a suggestion for next weeks word! :)


Tyggereye said...

Great page! I love that moon. Good use of the word overtime. Love the painted background.

Anonymous said...

Hey fellow NH blogger! =D Thanks so much for your comment on my blog.
I love the first page with the moon! I need to take a basket of journaling stuff outside before the summer is over. Soon, soon.

Googlover said...

I am in the need of some creative inspiration. I love your journal pages.

Marisa said...

Thanks everyone! Goog, thanks for visiting, I hope that you were inspired here. :)

Carmen said...

we kind of have the same style
lately i have been into assemblage, too
have you tried the abstracts with acrylics in your art journals?
it is fun too